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Want some help? Hire a SMART person!

If you would like an experienced person to calibrate your SONY 10HT projector using SMART technology, I consider the people listed below as qualified to help you. Please contact them directly.

They will bring their calibrated detector, perform the calibration for you, and install a CC filter as well, if you wish. Of, course you should expect to pay them a fee for their services. You will also need to purchase SMART, either directly from me, via this web-site, or as part of their fee.

The following people are certified to be a "SMART person" and have expressed a willingness to help others with their calibration.

Jeff Orwick - Denver Colorado area, U.S, -

John Robinson - Melborne, Australia -

Steve Shubick - Virginia and the DC area, U.S. -

Steve Smallcombe - San Francisco Bay Area, (Redwood City) CA, U.S.


If you want to be certified as a SMART person of dealer, contract me at

We still have some areas of the world that could use better coverage.

If someone is offering to calibrate your projector using SMART that is not listed on this page, pleease let me know!


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